Teinnova Introduced a New Generation Tegras Equipment

European Tecai Innova SL (Teinnova), which has been producing advanced robotic equipment for cleaning air duct systems and industrial kitchen exhaust ducts for more than 15 years, introduced a new generation Tegras equipment with the motto “The Future Is Now”.

New generation products started to be offered for sale in our country as well as in the American and European markets.

The equipment, which provides advantages with its dimensions in terms of portability, provides ease of use without sacrificing technology.

In particular, the wrist-type remote control provides great convenience for users.

Turkey representative CFR GLOBAL said, “The new generation TEGRAS devices have become more portable, more compact and lighter with integrated control systems.

The Technology For Grease (Tegras) family offers much more product options as well as ease of application.”

You can access the launch video of the products on the YouTube.

Source: https://www.hvacportal.org

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