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LWF670 Ultra Deep Freezer 606 lt

It has a shelf cooling system that provides a much more efficient cooling performance compared to the conventional cooling system. Products are cooled directly from the shelf by heat transfer. The extra doors inside the cabinet door ensure that only the required shelf cover is opened when the cabinet is opened, and that other shelves do not suffer heat loss. Working with the cascade system provided by double compressors, the LWF serie deep freezer ensures the long-term safe storage of the most sensitive products at -86 ° C. Maximum sealing is provided by the special door handle design and double gasket system. It has an optional CO2 feeding unit.



  • Remote access with Wi-Fi
  • Data storage and fault recording for 10 years thanks to the internal SD card
  • Data writer
  • Wide screen option
Ultra Low Degrees FreezersMinus 86 °C Medical Storage
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