Unior-Special Machines
Unior Special Machines

Multidisciplinary approach to development

Unior is always considering users’ needs when developing tools. By constant improvement of materials, new ergonomic solutions and the consideration of all safety aspects, the company has for decades proved to be the true partner of professional tool users.

Unior is constantly monitoring the needs of professional users and consequently developing functional novelties – in compliance with the latest standards and trends on the international market. Original solutions assure excellent functionality, ergonomics provides more comfort at work and safety elements prevent injuries. Work is done faster and easier when using Unior tools.

The development of tools for different purposes is based on computer modelling that is performed with the help of the most sophisticated computer programmes. The team of highly experienced specialists for individual fields participates in the development programme.

Unior Special Machines

Rotary Indexing Table Machines

Special deep drilling Machines

Flexible-Processing Cells Typ FPZ

Flexible Machines Typ UH

5-Axis-Processing Modules Typ RHW

End Facing Machines

Deep Drilling Machines Typ TMB und KTBM

Special/Transfer Machines