Portable HVAC coil cleaning system.

Waterbox allows the use of the equipment where there is no water supply, such as rooftops or outdoor spaces.  30 liters tank capacity.

Coilbox can be operated by mains power, or with a rechargeable battery, which guarantees complete portability

Usage areas Evaporator and condenser coil cleaner

Professional wall and ceiling split cleaner

Additional information

Power supply

Using rechargeable battery


1220 V / 110 V

Output pressure

7 bar at 2 l/min

Rechargeable chemical produc

Bag in box 10 kg

“Waterbox” water tank

30 l Modular

Structure material

Stainless Steel Aluminium


300 x 250 x 920 mm / 11,8 x 9,8 x 36,2 inches

Total weight

27,5 kg / 60.6 lb (without Bag-in-box and empty Waterbox)