Modular Design

Multibot is a robotic platform where the different modules can be coupled to carry out all possible applications inside the air-conditioning ducts. cleaning modules with different methodologies, disinfection, and sealing.


The Multibot’s powerful traction crawler allows you to move over any surface and climb slopes of 30º inclination. The robot and the application modules are designed to clean any size of circular or square duct.

It Reaches The Top

Thanks to the automated lifting system of the platform, it is possible to clean large size ducts up to 1000mm. The control unit adjust the height with the robot in motion.

Robust And Reliable

Built with the most resistant materials, such as stainless steel in the structure and high density polyamide in the protective shrouding The heart of Multibot are its powerful engines of last generation, which assures us a long duration and reliability.

This multitask air duct cleaning robot will allow you to carry out multiple applications, coupling different modules for cleaning, inspection, and sealing inside the air ducts. It incorporates the latest technologies such as FullHD cameras, automatic module elevation system, HMI touch screen control panel, and HD recording system.

Additional information

Display Monitor

Display 10" 2048 x 1546, Intel X7, 8Gb RAM

Control Display

7" HMI 800×480 px resistive touch control

Materials of the Structure

Oven-painted steel and HDPE

Power supply

230V / 50Hz and 110V / 60Hz

Dimensions and unladen weight

L x A x Al : 486 x 416 x 1070 mm / 53 kg L x W x H : 20 x 16.4 x 42 inch / 116 lb