Pneumatic duct cleaning brushing robot

The effective solution for grease duct cleaning

How much would you pay one of your clients to solve these problems? Whatever it takes, surely, because it is a real problem that can put your investment at risk. With Tegras Multipro, we give you the chance to start a new line of business, both in initial cleaning and later maintenance cleaning of extractor conduits for your clients in the restaurant business. Multipro is the most technologically advanced robot in the TEGRAS line. Unlike other models, Multipro lets you integrate a video-inspection system and Visiogras conduit views. It also offers the choice of working remotely through a remote controller, so that cleaning work can be carried out by just one person.

Why Tegras Multipro?

Because we are not afraid to say: “This is the only effective solution for cleaning grease in conduits” Because its injection system (combined with the iFoam family) projects a dense foam that sticks to the inside walls of the conduits, literally melting the grease off. Its optional video inspection system, which is of great importance as a sales weapon that will justify the need for the work, as well as the end result, to the client. It is also an excellent help for the operator during the work. The remote control allows you to economize on the job, because one person can handle the whole process. Its (optional) Centrador system allows you to position the brush in the centre of the conduit to make it easier to manoeuvre and more efficient when cleaning.

DUO Square

The DUO Square system combines two brush core, the outside dimensions up to the inner conduit and the appropriate size to reach an effective brushing the corner

Patented system to connect your engine, with the axis of brushing equipment a fast (only 3 screws). Easily for maintenance

Additional information

Electric power supply

220 V / 50 Hz // 110 V / 60 Hz


300 l/min – 8 bar // 10,6 cfm – 8 bar

Length of hose

98 feet / 1181 inch

Rotation speed at full power

236,7 rpm

Maximum torque

11,6 Nm // 102,7

Noise level

70 dB altında

Control panel

Membrane keyboard

Direction of rotation

Right / Left

Materials of the Structure

Stainless steel


1381 x 561 x 1043 mm – 54,37 x 22,09 x 41,06 inches

Total weight

82 kg // 180,78 lb