Intelligent cleaning. A need made reality

Cleaning of ducts in air conditioning systems can become a difficult task, for which it may demand many resources, time and personnel. This happens especially when we are faced with the cleaning of duct works in hospitals, malls, office blocks or buildings of considerable dimensions.
When we need the highest level of technology for the cleaning of kilometric dimensions, in which one of the most important factors for decision making is the price of duct cleaning, it is clear that your best tool is Visioair.

Fast, affordable and effective

Do you need the maximum competitiveness when you present an offer to your customer for the air-conditioning duct cleaning? Do they also request the maximum guarantees? The system for cleaning air-conditioning ducts by air injection, trapping the dirt adhering to the tubes and at the same time displays, records and verifies cleaning by means of a micro-camera installed in an intelligent head.
Through its perimeter cleaning technology, it runs the full length of the duct, removing and sending all the particles of dust and dirt to the suction sleeve connected to the Hepair vacuum systems.

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Manual electro pneumatic and remote control

Video inspection system

HD camera with LED lighting