Tecai Mifog

Cordless Fogger For Disinfection Surfaces

This ULV (ultra-low volume) electric fogger generates large volumes of air at low pressure. Small droplets between 10 to 80 microns form a cold mist that is dispersed into the air and attaches to surfaces without staining. It uses very little product when applying disinfectant but effectively eliminates bacteria, fungus and viruses. This cordless device is powered by a lithium battery with a long battery life and allows the user to move freely without the need to connect to the mains.

Sanitizer cordless fogging machine

Drops of 10-40-80 microns. Tank 3 liters.

Additional information

Nominal voltage Motor power

24V 30Ah 260 W

Coverage vertical

3 – 4 meters

Coverage horizontal

5 – 6 meters

Droplet size adjustable

from 10 to 80 microns

Tank capacity

3 liters / 0,79 gal

Hose lenght

50 cm / 19,7 inch

Sound level

60 dB

Dimensions L x A x Al

980 x 150 x 250 mm / 38,5 x 5,9 x 9,8 inch

Empty weight

55 kg / 121 lb