Tecai Ifog Electrostatic Fogger

Electrostatic Nebulizer With Induction Technology

An air compressor and liquid injection pump are integrated inside the Ifog+ electrostatic fogger. These pressurized air and disinfectant liquid flows into the spray gun and mixes at the tip of the application nozzle, causing the formation of the 10 of the application nozzle, causing the formation of spray droplets between 10 to 60 microns in size. On this nozzle is an electrode that applies an electrostatic charge to the spray. This causes a natural force of attraction between the spray droplets and the surfaces to be disinfected.


How Electrostatic Fogging Technology Works

  1. The disinfectant solution is ionized with a high-voltage electrode and negatively charged. The disinfectant pump injection generates the microparticles through the nozzle and the air projected by the compressor.
  2. The negatively ionized nanoparticles repel each other, maintaining a uniform distance and against gravity, to cover the most hidden surfaces.
  3. Surfaces are positively charged so that the disinfectant solution is magnetically attracted, ensuring a 360º uniformity high coverage of the entire surface.

Additional information

Voltage / Induction power

220 V – 50 Hz / Adjustable up to 80 kV

Disinfectant flow rate

Adjustable from 20 rate to 500 ml/min

Disinfectant product

Jerrycan 10 l / 2,6 gal

Particle size

Adjustable up to 10 microns

Adjustable coverage

Width (up to 4m) / Length (up to 8m)

Working capacity

Intensive without downtime

Hose length

5 meters

Compressed air pressure

5 – 8 bar

Dimensions (L x W x H)

575 x 470 x 1050 mm / 22.6 x 18.5 x 41.3 inch

Empty weight

55 kg / 121 lb