Tecai Hepair 6000

The Ultimate Negative Air Vacuum Solution for The Cleaning of HVAC Systems

This negative pressure vacuum cleaner offers a power of suction of 6200 m³/h of maximum flow, which allows face all jobs no matter how demanding they are.It has an integrated variator to adapt the suction of air at the consumption of the outlet, optimizing thus the power of the equipment. Hepair 6000 is a single phase vacuum cleaner that allows connect to any power outlet. Fast, versatility and power in a single unit. Its design is compact to facilitate its total watertightness. It can be transported both horizontally and vertically, and can be used for ducts from 300 mm to 1200 mm.It includes an acoustic filter clogging indicator to know when a change is needed.Last but not least, this equipment works with a turbine that does not need maintenance, given that does not work with brushes as usual conventional engines work.

Additional information

Supply voltage

220 V – 50/60Hz (5,6 A), 110 V – 50/60Hz (11,2 A)

Max. flow rate

6200 m3/h, 3650 cfm

Flow rate with filter F7

5350 m3/h, 3150 cfm

Flow rate with filter H13

4800 m3/h, 2825 cfm

Max Depression

1300 Pa, 0,2 psi

Filtration level 1


Filtration level 2


GDegree of separation


Engine power

1250 W

Dimensions (L x W x H)

670 x 750 x 1300 mm, 26,4 x 29,5 x 51,2 inch

Weight (without filters)

80 kg, 176 lb

Weight (with filters)

100 kg, 220 lb