Maximum demand

Solutions for air duct cleaning are many, but when you need strength, power, reach larger diameter ductwork and work in continuous without sacrificing efficiency, only then we can be talking about Teinnova’s pneumatic solutions for cleaning air ducts.

Higher power

The system uses compressed air to power an engine housed in the tip of a 20 meters long flexible hose. It is the most reliable and robust tool for air duct cleaning.
Thanks to its power and strength, it is the most appropriate solution for the cleaning of large ducts, or for medium and big jobs, when it comes to cleaning many meters of duct.

Why Tecai Element?

Because the Air-Flow compressed air injection system, through its head improves the volatility of dirt helping in brushing and lifting the more resistant particles.
Because of its aluminum structure, it doesn’t “weigh you down” when you take it wherever you need it.
Because the DUO system in the Tecai Element Auto version automatically changes the direction of rotation, left or right.


The DUO Square system combines two brush core, the outside dimensioned to the duct height and interior with the size appropriate to reach a effective brushed the corner.

Additional information

Par drowning

2,5 Nm

Speed of rotation

762 rpm

Hose length

20 mts / 65 ft

Material structure

Stainless steel and aluminum